Chef Babek:The lunch Don’t forget your PROTEIN!

Babek is a huge fan of cooking.

Eggplant, onion, carrot and avocado was nicely cut, but they looked so tiny in front of giant muscular man.

What we got curious was the shelf in the kitchen. He stores his lovely curry roux.

So the lunch for today is Curry rice. He washed the rice gently and put it in the rice cooker.

Generally, cooking rice with rice cooker takes about 30 minutes. But Babek was wondering why Japanese rice cooker takes so much time.

“It only took 5 or 1o minutes to cook rice usually in my country. But I really love Japanese rice cooker. They cook so good and I want to bring one to Czech” he said.

Not sure if he usually eats “rice”, it can not be that fast to cook……… my opinion.

Anyways, after he cooked the rice, he started to cut some chicken tender. He cuts vegetables and chicken with different knifes, due to preventing food poisoning. How neat is that.

And heres the lunch.


And of course, don’t forget the the protein, the egg.

One last thing, “Protein shake”.

Afternoon session


His afternoon session was held in Izu-Velodrome, with Shane Perkins and Matthjis Buchli, the world-class track cyclists.


It’s all about the timing

After the training, he started to drink a protein milk shake. It’s a huge matter for athletes to take protein after the training to cure the damaged muscle.

Feeling peckish?

When we finished the interview and about to get out the room, we heard the “ding” sound and the Peanut butter blueberry toast came out.

He also made for us. Thank you very much, and how nice is that. (yikes!)

Steaks for dinner