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Prize money rankings in overall history

平塚競輪場, KEIRINグランプリ2020

Another characteristic of keirin cyclists is the fact that they have a long career life. It’s no surprise that there are competitors in their 50’s. Here, we’re going to introduce the top 5 of the grand total prize money rankings, and that of the annual total prize money rankings.

Grand total prize money rankings

1st Yuichiro Kamiyama 2,873,131,709 yen
2nd Yoshihiro Murakami 1,938,921, 789 yen
3rd Yuji Yamada 1,917,825,099 yen
4th Masamitsu Takizawa 1,576,440,831 yen
5th Masayoshi Kobashi 1,710,733,488 yen

*Date of reference; 31st, December, 2019

Annual total prize money rankings

Rankings name of cyclist sum of prize money year
1st Ryuki Mitani 255,313,000 yen 2018
2nd Yuji Yamada 244, 348, 500 yen 2002
3rd Hiroyuki Murakami 237,938,200 yen 2010
4th Yoshihiro Murakami 229,204,000 yen 2016
5th Yuichiro Kamiyama 228,571,400 yen 1997

*Reference; December, 2020

It’s full of dreams not only for bettors but also for cyclists. That’s one of the attractive points of keirin.

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