How’s your racing schedules this season?

Upcoming season will be very busy with at least 4 Worldcups and maximum 5. It’s important to get as much points in as qualification for the Olympics. I’m very much looking forward to racing worldcups and world championships in February/March.

Do you have missed anything to do in Japan that you wanted to? Or you find another (or where you want to go)

Nicky Degrendele

Since the day I saw Mount Fuji, I wanted to climb it to the top. I’m very sad I didn’t get the chance to do that so next time I go to Japan, I hope to do that. There were a lot of places that I would have loved to visit but I was there for just 3 months and there wasn’t enough time to travel around the beautiful country. I really want to see the cherry blossoms when they are out, visit temples and to get to know even more about the culture. I hope to go back!

For the fans / Japanese Fans

Nicky Degrendele

Once again, thank you all for the ongoing support. I experience that not only I had the best fans in Japan but also after that. Very grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to come and race in your beautiful country and to get to know you. I hope that I have made you proud and I will do my best to keep making you proud in the future. Arigato!

Nicky Degrendele

Don’t blink, keep your eyes to Nicky on the way to Tokyo Olympics

As 22years old yet, Singing / dancing during the trainings. But she is going on her way once she focuses on. Very charming and friendly person Nicky, She is pushing herself stronger and faster everyday. Let’s see how she will go for the upcoming racing and the season 18-19 with Beat Cycling, Don’t blink, keep your eyes to Nicky on the way to Tokyo Olympics.

Writing, Photo by YNLENS(Yoshitaku Nagasako)
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