2018 KEIRIN world champion Nicky Degrendele is joining BEAT Cycling Club. 
Nicky has experienced Girls Keirin, originated in Japan.

She came and learned as a top level athlete in the world.

Yoshitaku Nagasako (BMX rider, Rio Olympian, Asian Games Gold medalist) spoken to Nicky Degrendele to ask how she is feeling about the future with the team and her 1st world’s title, and also about Japanese life.

Nicky Degrendele

Did anything changed for you after the world’s win?

Nicky Degrendele

I think so, I have gotten more respect from other riders, from teammates and riders from other teams. It took a while to realize that I have won that title and that I became worldchampion. You also become a role model to children, not just for cyclists but also to kids in different sports.

People start recognizing you, which can be a challenge sometimes, in the way of you need to make sure you’re being a good example. It gave a lot of motivation to keep working hard towards my next big goal, Tokyo.

Why she is joining to BEAT?