What was the reason why you wanted to join to the BEAT or they offered you?

Nicky Degrendele

I got an offer to join the team in August, I think. I immediately thought it was a good idea to join them, not just for now and for myself but also for the future of track cycling in Belgium. It’s not popular at this moment and this way we are hoping to start a sprintculture for men and women, boys and girls. For me, it’s a smart decision because I will be surrounded by great staff and experienced riders like Theo Bos, it’s a good opportunity to learn even more and to keep growing in a good environment.

Do you get along with everyone in the team?

So far I only know the track riders and I’m confident to say that we all get along well. I haven’t spent a lot of time with the sprint group yet but I’m looking forward to get know everyone in the upcoming months.

Would you try Team Sprint with Laurine van Riessen

Laurine van Riessen

Laurine van Riessen

Right now we haven’t made plans to do teamsprint but maybe we will participate in races in the future.

You know that now there is a “BEAT Cycling Club JAPAN”. Are you excited to be part of them when you have another chance to race Japanese Keirin next year?

If I get another chance to go to Japan for JKA Girl’s Keirin than I would definitely want to be part of the BEAT Cycling Club JAPAN.

About a Japanese Keirin…