【English Follow】マティエス・ブフリ、レース直前インタビュー/2018-2019トラックワールドカップ第1戦

Matthjis Buchli

ついに今週末、トラックワールドカップのシーズンが開幕する。BEAT Cycling Clubそしてオランダナショナルチームでもあるマティエス・ブフリへインタビューを行った。

Finally the track world cup season will start from this weekend. We had an interview with Matthijs BUCHLI who rides for BEAT Cycling Club and also Netherlands National Team. Here is the interview with him!!

Q:how do you like the track?

Very high track very big. Hope to have fast time for 200m time trial.

Q:Heavy track or light?


Q:So first world cup, how do you feel?

Normally I should be at my worst condition right now, my best one will be in Berlin (third world cup), so I will ride the first and second world cup quite relaxed, because I know I am not in my best condition yet, but we will see.

Q:BEAT Cycling Club(BCC)、オランダナショナルチームどちらで出場するの?
Q: will you ride for BEAT Cycling Club (BCC) or national team?

First 3 world cups will be for BCC, and the last one I will ride for national team.

 Last one means London (fourth world cup)?

Yes London.

Q:Not in 5th and 6th world cups?

No. it is too much. And I will be too tired for world championships.

Q: You have ridden Track Party in Japan couple days ago and here now.

It’s a quite heavy schedule, I had race in Beppu, then Track Party, then Paris here so lots of racing but I feel good, not much of jet lug.

Q: how many competitions are you going to race?

Only sprint this time. Theo BOS is doing Keirin this time, so I would really like to start with relax world cup because I will go for four world cups, so start will be easy.

Q: for the sprint, sure to aim for the podium?

走ってみないことにはね。去年初めてスプリントで表彰台に立てたけど。でも最初は何でも良いものだね。200m FTTでは自己ベストを更新したいな。結果はじきににわかるさ。
I have no idea. After last year, I knew I could also be on the podium in sprint, but this is the first one so everyone is good normally. So we will see. I hope for the personal best for 200m time trial but we will see.

Q: Who do you think will be in the best shape except for you?

I thought it was me……..but except for me? Well our dutch team is really strong for this 2 years and this year as well, Japanese are getting better and better with Benoit and Niblet as coaches, so may be expect to see a lot from them. But here in Paris, French team will be good, and London it will be British team. Olympic qualification point has started and every country has to be good.